Professional HR Support

Due to the ever growing raft of employment law legislations, it is even more important that businesses – whether private, a creative start-up or charity – are safe and understand the importance of engaging and developing people and teams for long-term sustainable growth.

During difficult times such as redundancies, grievances and conflict, HR should ensure good practice, consistency, transparency and fairness rather than being used solely as a tool to achieve an end result. By doing so organisations will stay safe and the tough decisions will be more readily accepted by employees.

How Will It Work?

Flexibility and reliability are key.

Meetings can be scheduled when and where needed, whether face-to-face over a coffee, by e-mail, Skype or phone. Designated day/s in office/s: weekly, fortnightly, monthly if needed.

Choose from long-term support via a monthly retainer or short-term interventions for times when your business needs an HR health check, support with a recruitment campaign, restructuring advice and more.

Monthly Retainer

Our monthly retainer offers you the assurance of on-call support for all HR related issues. This can include:

  • Regular meetings with CEO/senior managers to chat all things HR.
  • Continue to review and update working practices, policies and procedures ensuring compliance with employment law and good practice.
  • Create or amend employee contracts and company handbooks.
  • Assist with organisational development (recruitment & selection/staff development) and change (restructures).
  • Support or represent the Company or employees during formal processes e.g. disciplinary and grievance, counselling, conflict management etc.
  • Provide confidential support/advice to employees.
  • Facilitate workshops on Successful Interviewing, Leadership v Management, Staff Reviews etc.

HR Health Check

We can assess your HR to provide practical solutions that ensure your practices and policies support your business, cover ever-changing employment legislation and manage risk.

What happens if an employee needs to take time off to deal with a dependent? What if they submit a flexible working request? Not sure if you need a social media policy? You should consider an HR health check.

Individual Consultation

Faced with the risk of redundancy? Having trouble with your boss? Feel you’re being unfairly treated? Want advice on how to prepare for a job interview?

Get In Touch