Any employee bringing a ‘Type A’ case against their employer (including disputes over wage deductions, redundancy pay owed, unpaid annual leave, and refusals to allow time off) must pay a £160 issue fee when the claim is presented and a further £230 hearing fee, due on a specified date prior to the hearing.

For more complex ‘Type B’ cases (unfair dismissal, discrimination, equal pay, whistleblowing), claimants must pay a £250 issue fee and £950 hearing fee.

Type of case Claim fee Hearing
Unpaid wages £160.00 £250.00
Redundancy pay £160.00 £250.00
Breach of contract £160.00 £250.00
Unfair dismissal £250.00 £950.00
Equal pay £160.00 £250.00
Discrimination £160.00 £250.00
Whisleblowing £160.00 £250.00


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